Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Kaleido Octopus

Kaleido Octopus Bracelet/  Brooch (Code: Ka09-0F)
Colour: Peach
Medium: Felt, Polyester, Mixed Media

This collection creates stylish fashion jewellery. 
It is inspired by Origami, paper cutting, architecture and kaleidoscope. 
Due to the designed structure, every piece of work shows various appearances and 
offers diversification of wearing.

Copyright © 2012, Yu-Ping Lin

To Make you Splendid♥ You can buy via here:

Saturday, 1 September 2012

♥Lolita Nite♥ @ V&A

Special event @ V&A

It's fascinating to join such fabulous event rather than clubbing on Friday!
Lolita fashion is the unique street style that combines Japan's obsessions with cuteness, punk and Gothic macabre. It's an interesting to think about the relationship between the Lolita fashion in Japan and the Victorian style in Britain

  Look at this illustration, the flyer is too delicate to ignore!

 New installation in the entrance of V&A. Can you believe it's made of road cones! 

See how girly and cutey we are!

 Kitty and Bulldog Gallery Talks

The John Madejski Garden: playing heady mix of J-pop, J-rock music

DJ set: Roustabouts

 Winnie Pool Lolita &  Pikachu girl!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

New Earrings!

New Earrings!

The earrings are made from Felt, Polyester, Freshwater Pearls, Sterling Silver.
 It can be turned into two patterns. Welcome for order! 
Size: H1.5x W3x L3 cm

新耳環完成。材料:毛氈、聚酯纖維、珍珠、925銀。 可翻正反兩面佩帶。

Saturday, 4 August 2012

[Press] Crafts Magazine No.235

Crafts Magazine No.235 P.31


"Yu-Ping Lin, an emerging jewellery and textile maker, comes from Taiwan. She graduated from Birmingham City University and obtained an MA degree in jewellery and silversmithing. Her work is process-based and structurally complex. 
She focuses on the notion of Origami and Chinese paper art, architectural structures, interaction and seduction of pattern; the original pleasure by the form of organism inherence in nature."

Thursday, 12 July 2012

"Flourish" Private View (Flourish展開幕酒會花絮)

I'm very pleased to attend the private view of Flourish art jewellery exhibition. With an international reputation for showcasing the best in radical contemporary jewellery, Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery, based at Salts Mill since 1996, marks her sixteenth birthday with flair! Flourish exhibits a fantastical array of art jewellery selected from around the globe.


9 Artists from around the globe
I love all of their works! It's amazing to exhibit with them! :D
Artists taking part in FLOURISH are: Akiko Kurihara, Germany/Japan; Seulgi Kwon, South Korea; Mari Iwamoto, Japan; Katja Schlegel, Germany; Nina Sajet, the Netherlands; Francisca Bauzá, Germany/Mallorca;Märta Mattsson, Sweden; Réka Fekete, the Netherlands/Hungary; Yu-Ping Lin, UK/Taiwan
展覽入口的參展者介紹 (好開心版子上有有寫上我來自英國/台灣!

Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery

I'm demonstrating my jewellery

Interacting with audiences 

Jane and collector Alan

 Lindsay and painter Jake. (Jake was wearing my new brooch!)

Owner of KLJ Gallery, Kate
(She looked stunning with the nice dress! Let's flourish!)

Kath Libbert Jewellry website

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Color is More in iii-gallery!

"Let the summer inside us be full of color and joy.
A collection of colorful jewellery and objects." 

Yu-Ping Lin Textile Jewellery will be shown in Belgium this summer!
The "Kaleido"collection will be shown in Color is More! 

iii-gallery Summer exhibition
1 July – 1 September 2012 @iii-gallery in Belgium
Opening Sunday 1 July 14:00- 19:00
iii-gallery, Rue St. Anne 40 (Grand Sablon) 1000 Brussels, Belgium

特別感謝iii-gallery Mei的邀請,能有此機會成為“Color is More”的其中之一

Preview the works from Kaleido collection:

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sponsored by Craft&Design Magazine!

Hee-ha! I am very pleased to say I has been offered a space sponsored by Craft&Design Magazine!!
My work will exhibit in the pavilion at the four day show in Living Crafts, at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire from 10th- 13th May!

Living Crafts will be celebrating its 38th Anniversary in 2012 with literally hundreds of the finest designer-makers. The Emerging Designer-Makers Pavilion is a new feature for Living Crafts. Craft&Design Magazine are supporting the scheme and will be featuring the pavilion in forthcoming issues. (Does that means my work may be posted on magazine!? I extremely hope so!)
I have some complimentary tickets, please feel free to take if you fancy! I can't wait to exhibit in the heritage site!

I know you may be busy but hopefully see you there! 


Friday, 20 April 2012


I am very excited to announce Yu-Ping Lin Textile Jewellery has been awarded
Best Fashion Accessory Award Winner at BCTF!

Because this award is sponsored by Attire Accessories Magazine, I will receive a full page of editorial and a prizewinners's certificate! I was shocked at that second, I can't believe I got a award in the show! There are 400 excellent exhibitors in the show, I feel super lucky to obtain this award. It's absolutely an unforgettable evening for me, many thanks to Lord, the BCTF, Attire Magazine, my family and
friends :)

The list of awards: http://www.bctf.co.uk/awards.php

其實也有點難以置信我在400個創作者中領到七個獎中的其中一個....... (超~感~動)
贊助單位計畫給我全頁版面專訪,六月預計會刊登於雜誌,真是有點緊張...... 但我一定會大聲說我來自台灣!
感謝主、主辦及贊助單位、家人朋友,是你們給我很多的鼓勵,謝謝你們 :)

Award Certificate

The editor of Attire Accessories Magazine, Laura Sutherland