Friday, 20 April 2012


I am very excited to announce Yu-Ping Lin Textile Jewellery has been awarded
Best Fashion Accessory Award Winner at BCTF!

Because this award is sponsored by Attire Accessories Magazine, I will receive a full page of editorial and a prizewinners's certificate! I was shocked at that second, I can't believe I got a award in the show! There are 400 excellent exhibitors in the show, I feel super lucky to obtain this award. It's absolutely an unforgettable evening for me, many thanks to Lord, the BCTF, Attire Magazine, my family and
friends :)

The list of awards:

其實也有點難以置信我在400個創作者中領到七個獎中的其中一個....... (超~感~動)
贊助單位計畫給我全頁版面專訪,六月預計會刊登於雜誌,真是有點緊張...... 但我一定會大聲說我來自台灣!
感謝主、主辦及贊助單位、家人朋友,是你們給我很多的鼓勵,謝謝你們 :)

Award Certificate

The editor of Attire Accessories Magazine, Laura Sutherland

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Two days counting down to British Craft Trade Fair!

Two days counting down to the show, feeling exciting but a bit panic...
Yesterday, I spent a half day to buy the display items and today I am going to complete some of my work, then put them on my display item. It's always a challenge to design my stand, even if I've sketched before setting up. Now I have to return on my work! Working harder and harder definitely! :D


Monday, 2 April 2012

Hola Monday!

Start working from a rich breakfast!

I had tomato, omelet, wild rocket, honey oats bread, emmental cheese, crumbed ham and apple juice :) I just got the call from Margeret from the BCTF, they are going to offer a extra space to show my pieces in the show. That means my work can be seen either my stand or the cabinet in the hall! But it's not a good news that only two weeks to the BCTF... I have to be more efficient!! Good luck :D