Monday, 11 April 2011

Yu-Ping Lin obtained 2011 Goldsmiths Awards :)

I won the Gold Award in "Gallery Jewellery"section of Goldsmiths Craftsmanship & Design Council Awards and the Council Special Award!
Take aback really!
Many thanks for Lord, my family, the tutor of School of Jewellery and friends!

See the list of 2011 Prize winner, my entry piece: Bloom;
the whole collection: Inherence in Nature

Hooray! that's my work with my name shown on the monitor!!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Yu-Ping Lin's Origami Jewellery

【Origami Bloom 2011】

Yu-Ping Lin

The collection is inspired by Origami, features the Japanese art of folding paper into attractive shapes merged with elements from Chinese paper-cutting craft. All works of Origami series are made from silver with hand-painted fabrics and mixed media. They are decorated with red thread because it has a meaning of good luck as Origami. The fabric elements can be removed or changed with different patterned fabrics. Also, the pieces are designed so that the metal element can be worn without the fabric parts without compromising their aesthetics.

( All pieces are made from Sterling Silver, Hand-Painted Fabric and Mixed Media. )

- B R O O C H -


(Without fabric)


(With different fabric)

(Without fabric)

- N E C K L A C E -



(Without fabric)

- R I N G -


(Without fabric)



- E A R R I N G -


LOVE (#OGEr02)



CLOVER set (OGEr&Br03)




Welcome for gallery, exhibition, shop and sale, thank you!
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Copyright © 2011, Yu-Ping Lin

British Craft Trade Fair 2011 in Harrogate

It's a fabulous experience to take part in British Craft Trade Fair! There are totally 18 artists including me from Birmingham Design Space showing our pieces as a group in BCTF. Everyone did a brilliant job, I am so proud of being part of Design Space!

Yu-Ping Lin's new collection, Origami Jewellery.