Monday, 11 April 2011

Yu-Ping Lin obtained 2011 Goldsmiths Awards :)

I won the Gold Award in "Gallery Jewellery"section of Goldsmiths Craftsmanship & Design Council Awards and the Council Special Award!
Take aback really!
Many thanks for Lord, my family, the tutor of School of Jewellery and friends!

See the list of 2011 Prize winner, my entry piece: Bloom;
the whole collection: Inherence in Nature

Hooray! that's my work with my name shown on the monitor!!


  1. Wow~
    It's really you standing on the stage and taking the Golden Award!
    You'll become a great designer because your effort and hard working.
    And we all feel pround of you!
    Good Job, and keep tring.


  2. Thank you, Vincent! I will try my best and keep doing what I'm interested and believe in! x