Sunday, 7 September 2014

Exploring my Textile Jewellery in Australia!

16 August - 7 September in Bini Gallery, Australia

This summer, my work has been made its debut in Australia! On 16 August 2014 Bini Gallery has launched the exhibition "Exploring Textile Jewellery", a dialogue between the artistic disciplines of textiles and jewellery, featuring the work of local and international contemporary jewellers. Twelve artists have been invited to present textile jewellery in a range of forms. The exhibition presents a wide selection of hand crafted jewellery made using textile materials andtechniques. However, it was a shame I couldn't attend the show,  many thanks to Bini gallery to help me up with things they have done for the show and thank you again for inviting me to be part of the lovely exhibition :)  

Artists include: Silvia Beccaria, Catrine Berlatier, Cecile Bertrand, Clem Boyle, Anke Hennig, Yoko Izawa, Tahli Kornhauser, Yu-Ping Lin, Isabelle Molenat, Begona Rentero, Chiara Scarpitti, Aude Tahon, Elena Valenti.

My little babies :)

 large-scale window installation made exclusively for the exhibition to explore and celebrate the intersection of textiles and jewellery.

The exhibition opening has been a success! Thank you for whom help or attend the show.